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Jon's Journal - News for Region 4

July 2017

Hello everyone! I'm Jon Gruebele, the newly elected Regional Vice Chair (RVC4) for the North Central United States. This position is one of 15 voting members on American Mensa’s Board of Directors, the AMC. I represent the members in your Local Group and eight others across Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and parts of Iowa, Missouri, Indiana, and Kentucky.

I'd like to start by thanking all those who voted in the recent election. I really appreciate your interest in the issues and taking the time to cast your ballot. I would also like to thank our most recent RVC4 volunteers George Haynes, Ellen Voie, and Ken Silver, along with those who preceded them. They all did their best to help us move forward as an organization, contributing countless hours in the process.

National Mensa governance isn’t always that interesting to everyone, but it's important to the future of our organization. In upcoming newsletter articles, I will help communicate what we are doing and how it affects us locally.

I will also communicate about important issues and events across our Region. I’ll start with a shameless plug for Chicago’s HalloweeM Regional Gathering (RG), October 26 – 29. Registration rates go up the longer you wait, so please consider booking soon. See http://chicago.us.mensa.org/weem/index.php for details. If that isn’t exciting enough, our July 2018 national Annual Gathering (AG) will be in Indianapolis – within reasonable driving distance for most members in our Region.

Many Mensa members rarely if ever participate in events. Surveys show those who do are much happier with Mensa. RGs and AGs are terrific ways to start. They both offer similar experiences, just on different scales. HalloweeM usually has 500+ attendees; AG attendance can exceed 2,000. You’ll experience multiple speaker tracks, meals, games, tournaments, tours, and much more. Try it; you’ll like it! And yes, you can also sign up your guests to attend.

If you have suggestions or concerns, please reach out to me after July 1st at RVC4@us.mensa.org, call/text me at +1 309 693 1359, or just find me at an upcoming event. I may just be there!

Jon Gruebele

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​​​​Thanks to everyone who voted in the recent election. I am honored to have been chosen as your Regional Vice Chair on the American Mensa Board of Directors (AMC) for the North Central United States. The upcoming 2017-2019 term starts July 1.

​Please check back here for my latest newsletter articles.

​Questions?  Suggestions? Please contact me via jongruebele(at)gmail.com.